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Techwon Co., Ltd
Techwon  is one of the leaders group for LED Street Light manufacturer and they have developed the LEDs related products such as LED street lamp, LED guard lamp & LED flood lamp. Also these LED lamps can be operated by Solar-Powered system which has been developed by Techwon's own technology.

Techwon has focused on 'outdoor LED lighting system with/without solar-powered system' over 5 years. So we have very various products types from 30W to 150W for various buyers or markets
LED Street Lamp, LED Guard Lamp, LED Flood Lasmp, Solar-powered LED light system
Main Customers
Government, Civil & Building Construction
SAC Panel - Aluminum Composite Panel
Abdul Wahab Group was Established in bursa in 2006. SAC produces Aluminum Composite panel of high quality.
Aluminum Composite Panel is compounded with top and bottom layers of Aluminum sheet non-toxic polyethylene core material. Both surfaces are coil coated with special baking varnish
Miller / Air-Conditioners
For over 80+ years, NORDYNE has been designing and manufacturing heating and cooling products. Our philosophy is simple.... use proven technology to build reliable products for our customers.
NORDYNE makes a full line of central system heating and cooling products and are the only heating and cooling manufacturer to be DFT certified. As a result, we produce high performing, reliable shows in our product warranties and our brand names.
NORDYNE manufactures and sells residential and commercial HVAC products featuring some of the most recognized consumer brands in the appliance industry. We make Westinghouse, Maytag, Frigidaire, Tapan, Philco, Kelvinator and Gibson HVAC products for sales in the United States and Canada.
Historically, NORDYNE boast some of the "firsts" in heating and cooling technology for the manufactured home buyer, dating back to the early 1900's. With 85 years of experience, it is easy to see why most manufactured homes built today feature our Intertherm and Miller heating and cooling products. We market our Miller and Intertherm brands globally.
NORDYNE supports the traditional marketing chain in the heating and cooling industry. We sell to independent distributors to provide our products nationwide. In turn, they sell to independent licensed dealers or contractors to sell and install products at the consumer level.
We offer some of the best consumer product warranties available in the heating and cooling industry. All warranties are manufactured-backed (not third-party administered), and cover the entire product.
Aluminum and Glass
We are proud of our commitment to the highest quality products and workmanship, sourcing products only from suitable suppliers and manufacturers. From large corporate headquarter to a simple loop front, Auto Glass & Aluminum has earned aspect through quality work, practical problem solving and compentency in completing projects on time, we never compromise on standards of Excellence or the relevant safety standards founded in September 3, 2008. We are ready to support your projects through our objectives.
Our Projects List
Frameless Glass Works
Aluminum & PVC Windows & Doors Works
Bullet Proof Glass Works
Laminated Glass Works
Antistic Glass Works
Stainless Steel
Curtain Wall
Structutural Blazing
SOFAB- Security, Safety, & Electrical and Building material
SOFAB and SWANN AUSTRALIA has partnered to fulfill the security camera gap in the region. Swann has been recognized around the world for its innovative ideas, advance technology, and its unprecedented 24 months exchangeable warranty.

CCTV Integration is critical to all security systems today. These cameras are normally multiplexed and presented to the central guard station. The access control and security system needs to integrate these cameras in a way so the guard can be presented with the right camera at the right time. On a separate front, the data from the integrated access and security system can be presented on the web format so it is available to authorized users in the network (Intranet) or outside the network (Internet). In addition, it is possible to plan some reports by department and send them out by e-mail automatically to selected e-mail addresses. Seamless integration with CCTV, Web and the other Security Systems is the ultimate goal at SOFAB.

SOFAB is also the leading manufacturer of a variety of building materials and electrical accessories through strategic business relationships, innovative ideas and patented pending designs. SOFAB has achieved one of the best reputations in the region for quality assurance and reliability.
SOFAB’s many years of Research and Development, Manufacturing and Distributions has given us an unprecedented marketing base and experience not achieved by any other retailer in the region. Just look at the number of retail stores we distribute to in the Middle East. Our ability to distribute a wide range of products has opened the doors for us in many marketing fields. SOFAB is capable of introducing new product in the Middle East Region through our existing stands in less than 48 hours. This strength and power has assured us the foundation for a Total Regional Market Domination.
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