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Management Message
  Every successful enterprise moves ahead with a certain vision, certain values, that it holds close to its heart. At Qatar & Gulf Enterprises too, we have a certain vision that has been our guiding light. We have believed and will continue to believe that excellence always has a market. Success they say depends on market conditions. Quite conversely, we believe excellence finds the way to success whatever the conditions. Quality is never out of fashion. It is this adherence to quality that helped us grow from strength to strength since 1981 and today we have diversified into facets of high quality building services. Be it the construction of government projects or of private infrastructure, by focusing on excellence in every step, we have taken giant leaps forward and will continue to do so. This is one of the reasons why our clients have preferred to stay with us through time, over repetitive assignments.  
Vision and Mission
To be a global player in providing quality construction and engineering services.
To forge a long-lasting relationship of value with our clients and partners by providing quality..
Corporate Principle
QGE as a leading construction company works on its clearly defined corporate goals of ensuring the long-term competitive advantage and continuity. of its corporate goals. To meet this is to offer the best-in-class construction service to its clients and cultivating new ones...
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