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Since it came into being in 1983, QGE has executed a vast array of major projects successfully earning its spurs as a construction firm, and now it is an acclaimed name in the industry. Our diverse portfolio encompasses the sectors of high-rise developments, residential, commercial and industrial, hotels, airport developments, stadiums, villa communities, mixed developments, entertainment and offshore oil and gas installations.

QGE conflates a thrust on outstanding construction with a dedication to superior client service. By heeding to the clients what they want and adapting our skills to meet with the desired result, we prove that we’ve got the ability to understand and implement fully the scope of any project. With an integration of our skilled workforce, state-of-the-art plants and equipments, we’re capable of handling a project of far magnitude and complication.
QGE’s Trading Division has been dealing successfully with the following companies for many years now:-
Decorative Natural Stone Wall Finish from Burlite Ltd. (UK.) - Consists of natural aggregates including granite, mica and glass combined with non-toxic specially blended cementitius matrix containing special additives; and a BS EN ISO 9001 certified.
Suspended Ceiling - Metal, Aluminum, Steel Tiles and Strips, drywall partition system, steel doors and fire resist doors from RAM Metal Industries (UAE).
Acoustics Panels by Heraklith AG (Austria) and Knauf (France) - the product line that is ideally suited for both noise and reverberation control. Panels are made up of wood wool and caustic magnesite as binding agent; and suitable for multi-purpose hall, broadcasting studios and heat resistant insulation.
Ceramic and Mosaic Tiles from various companies in Italy, Spain and France which comes in various sizes and wide range of special designs, motifs, colours and special pieces for residential, swimming pool, public/private construction, industrial/ manufacturing buildings and etc.
Special heavy traffic floor tiles suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.
Swimming pool tiles along with special matching pieces appropriate for the tiling of every type of pool side, non-slip tiles for the areas around the swimming pool and other facilities.
Computer design glass mosaic wall tiles with motif.
Indoor and Outdoor Light fittings from various companies in Europe and to name some, CU Phosco Lighting (UK), Eclatec (France), Eurolight (Italy), and etc.
Sports Flooring from Bolidt (The Netherlands) one of the largest supplier of sports equipment from which comply with the requirement.
Sports Equipment from SPORT FRANCE (France) one of the largest supplier of sports equipment from which comply with the requirement of the client for all quantities.
Indoor and outdoor stadium seats, lockers, benches and other accessories from different companies in Italy and Spain
1. Schools - Wall (1986 - 1987) 15. Preparatory School for Boys at Bani Hajer
2. Police Accommodation Construction Boards 16. Secondary School for Boys at Al Muaither
3. Olympic Swimming Pools - Ceiling 17. Theological Institute for Boys Sec. School at Duhail
4. American School Doha Gym - Wall 18. Boys Preparatory School at Bn Omran
5. Ibn Sina Boys Model School at Mamoura 19. Girls Elementary School at Madinat Khalifa
6. Al Najah Girls Elem School at Al Ameer 20. Girls Preparatory School at West-South Al Gharafa
7. Model School for Boys at Al Sailiya 21. Boys Secondary School at Al Wakra
8. Secondary School for Boys at West Bay 22. Boys Preparatory School at Al Wakra
9. Secondary School at Umm Salal 23. Boys Elementary School at Al Shahaniya
10. Elem. School for Girls at Al Khor 24. Tarek Bin Ziad Boys Prep. School at Al Mureikh
11. Saffia Bint Mutaleb Elem. School for Girls 25. Model School for Boys at Al Muraikh
12. Girls Prep / Secondary School at Al Sailiyah 26. Girls Elementary School at Al Azizia
13. Boys Preparatory School at Al Muaither 27. Girls Elementary School at Al Muraikh
14. Secondary School for Boys at Bani Hajer    
Almeer Productions is a Media services and Specialization company operating from the creative heart of Middle East - Beirut, Lebanon. The company was born out of a desire to work on the most challenging digital animation industry catering to the Middle East region and we’ve grown consistently ever since the inception of Al Meer productions. Almeer Productions is powered by 1981 instituted “Qatar and Gulf Enterprises” based in the State of Qatar and with operations across Middle East and North Africa.

We believe Technology is not creative, people are. We have integrated the whole Media Industry process from beginning to end, as one smart, cohesive, experienced, motivated unit.

As a key player in the Media & animation industry in Middle East, we focus on working closely with producers, distributors, broadcasters and partners worldwide to produce original television content and high-end animation for broadcast and marketing purposes.

Al Meer Productions is one of the premier players in the region to service the mainstream entertainment industry in the Middle East and North Africa demonstrating high quality, timely deliveries and competitive costs.
What we do?
Al Meer Productions develops new geographies to make the animation community as global as can be. Al Meer Productions are involved in distribution of films and videos in the Middle East. Al Meer Productions seeks to distribute documentary and fiction films (narrative features and shorts), offering producers full service distribution in all markets, including educational, non-theatrical, theatrical, television, cable, internet, and home video. Almeer Productions has leveraged its strong studio and industry relationships to execute both the sale and acquisition of content rights for its clients.

By maximizing the close relationship that it enjoys within Middle East, Al Meer Productions provides properties and imported foreign properties in the Middle East with powerful licensing and merchandising programs supported by a comprehensive blend of carefully chosen media support.
Our Aim
Is to be preeminent CG animation producers and to develop quality properties and to offer superior outsourcing services across all major formats of the entertainment industry, primarily feature films, DVD, television and interactive gaming.
Our Mission
we take pride in forming an inextricable relationship with our clients, which fosters a partnership of creative progress and execution.
Animation Services - Providing high quality 2D & 3D animation solutions to broadcasters, marketers and producers.
IP (Intellectual Property) Creation - Creating appealing cartoon content for distribution into the international market.
Interactive Digital Media - Creating innovative web and mobile applications for mass marketing and monetizing.
Character Licensing - Licensing cartoon characters to 3rd parties for mutually beneficial partnerships.
Disitribution - Distribution services for producers and rights holders of 3D & 2D Animation content, Japanese Anime, Music, Documentary, film and television content by leveraging its knowledge and relationships in the industry to maximize all potential revenue streams from both traditional broadcasting services as well as all new media delivery platforms.
Acquisitions - Acquire distribution rights to film and television content for traditional broadcasting and new media platforms from producers and content rights holders for both the Middle East as well as all major international territories.
Production - Production of film and television content from financing to developing and distributing.
Business Development - Work with clients to develop new business strategies for the distribution of content whether it be new traditional broadcast services or VOD and online strategies.
Film Restoration & Archiving - Motion picture and Movies capture history and culture of a country and present as a form of entertainment. Many movies made in 1930’s to 1960’s have been lost due to acts of nature and the rest are slowly degrading due to environmental conditions like high humidity, moisture, poor storage conditions and neglect. Film Restoration is the process of repairing damaged films, whether in celluloid film or video tape, both by physical and digital restoration technology and presenting a pristine restored sequence of images in any media format.
Film Colorization - Giving a fresh life to the Black and White Period. Bring the Black and White movies and motion capture to its original colors.
Corporate Walk Through - We create 3D Architectural Walkthroughs that really drive business, even before, you start the construction of your project. Designed walkthroughs serves multidimensional usage and can be used for a variety of business promotional programs.
Internet & Web Solutions - We design not just another website but strong W3C based standards online presence that ensures business results. Solution that carries various information and services, such as electronic mail, online chat, file transfer, interlinked web pages and other resources of the World Wide Web. Right from news across the corner of the world, wealth of knowledge to shopping, purchasing the tickets of your favorite movie-everything is at your fingertips.
Partnership Opportunities
At AL MEER PRODUCTIONS we believe that animation is simply a medium, and the factual benefits of animation come across by harnessing it as a powerful marketing tool and using cartoon characters to create striking and innovative merchandise. Our business model is built around cartoon animated series and movies, character licensing, interactive online portals, interactive mobile products, virtual worlds for kids and more. All our projects are established based on two main criteria- Potential profits and Reach to masses.

We welcome all prospective businesses with interest in the animation and/or interactive digital media realm to contact us for investment opportunities in the following areas:
Manga Content Acquisition & Distribution
Cartoon animated series
3D & 2D animated movies
Distribution & Acquisitions
Licensing and merchandising
Interactive online portals
Interactive mobile products
Virtual worlds for kids
Casual games
Visual Effects
Film Restoration & Archiving
Film Colorization
  QGE has the capacity to execute diverse scopes of works without involving any third party or external subcontractors.  
  With our experience of decades, indomitable workforce and expertise, we provide a mélange of specialized services in major local and international markets.  
Design, Procurement, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Electrical, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Sanitary Works
Tele-communication Systems, Fire-fighting services
Infrastructure services such as road works, paving, sewerage, drainage, irrigation and landscaping
Electromechanical building services
24/7 building services and maintenance facility
Concrete Production and Delivery
  The fact that makes QGE stand apart is that for every construction service, we have a group of companies each responsible for their assigned service. So our clients get the distinguished service to meet their specific needs.

As a part of expansion, we’ve also diversified ourselves into media which is most thriving industry around the globe. In coming days we will evolve into a conglomerate with a diverse portfolio.
  A contracting company currently involve in the construction of 38 villa compound in Umm Salal Mohammed, Qatar.
The range of activities includes design, procurement, Installation, testing and commissioning of multi-service installation viz., electrical, air conditioning, mechanical, plumbing and sanitary works, telecommunication and fine Detection/protection systems
Integra Project Management
  Underground Infrastructure Projects with best of the German technology.  
Mangara Carpentry
  Mangara Carpentry Workshop is comprehensively involved in General Carpentry and Wooden Works, Furniture and Fixture Offices/Shops/Villas Interior Design & Fit-out and Project Management for Hotels, Furnished Apartments, Commercial Office Towers and Private Villas. The main goal is to go along with the Economic Boom, which at present focuses generally in the Gulf Region, and Qatar as the regional center in the Middle East.  
Integrated Enterprises Lebanon
Integrated Enterprises embraces under its umbrella many tasks that start with planning and don’t end with the execution of projects in the field of construction, real estate, contracting, trading, public relations and brokerage activities. Subject to our objectives of actualizing efficiently all the projects that we personally undertake and considering our clients’ requirements, we develop specifications standardized to meet the unique needs and preferences of different projects and different clients which reflect our flexible based philosophy.

Company philosophy
IE employs the philosophy of not only meeting the client's expectations but also exceeding them by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater values thus optimizing our functionality and increasing efficiency while aiming to maintain long-term client relationships. Hence consistency, integrity, credibility, and reliability appear in every activity we undertake.

Long-term customer relationships
We know that customer relationships are our key asset, therefore, we believe in developing and fostering partnerships that are mutually beneficial. So, we assist in clients not only on the organizational level but also on a strategic level to ensure that our philosophy is well implemented. We want you to feel good about the solutions that we bring to the market. Success is about communication.

Fields of Work

Construction: benefiting from QGE’s our Qatari sister company long and trusty experience in the construction business we will be able to deliver projects that will reflect our know-how and will guarantee stakeholder's investment value.

Contracting: Governmental and nongovernmental projects are completed on time and meeting the required standards on due dates.

Real Estate: We buy and sell real estate’s benefiting from Lebanon’s attractive and lucrative real estate market.

Brokerage: If it is in Lebanon or at the end of the world we buy and sell on your behalf any commodity starting from lands and properties to yachts we are there for you ensuring that you get the best price as a seller or as a buyer.

Trading: Foodstuffs, building materials, electrical equipment …

PR Services: Event management, Technical and conference support, Presentations, Design and Creation are us.  

Projects under study
We have many projects under study some of them are an international educational institution from overseas, ice cream factory, coffee shops chain…

Integrated Enterprises S.A.L
Address: Riad El Solh, Ma’arad Street, Natour Bldg., 4th floor, Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: +961 1 980 981
Fax: +961 1 980 982
Nasser Ahmad Mohamed Almeer Group
  Provides upgraded and competitive facilities with licensed professionals, competent and skilled staff that handles and manages the projects as it aims to endow its finest and satisfactory services to its clients.

Nasser Ahmad Mohamed Almeer Group having been verified as one of the most reputable contracting company in the State of Qatar.
  A consulting company  
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