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Corporate Principle
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QGE as a leading construction company works on its clearly defined corporate goals of ensuring the long-term competitive advantage and continuity. of its corporate goals. To meet this is to offer the best-in-class construction service to its clients and cultivating new ones, by a never-fail commitment to timely delivery, without compromising on the quality and foremost by delighting the clients with the service exceeding their expectation.

Any organization is a part of a society, and hence it is imperative for the organization to render its service to mankind besides business. At QGE, the ‘corporate principle’ signifies our social responsibility to ensure the economic growth of the company by considering first the social and environmental causes. That to say satisfying our clients’ demands goes hand in hand with fulfilling the expectations of our people: the employees, the suppliers and the communities. This is to pay back to the society whom we owe our success as well as to manage our company’s environmental impacts that can serve the key to entail direct benefits and ensure its long-term competitiveness in the industry.
Every employee is entitled to his/her basic human rights, to be treated fairly, with utmost respect due to every human being. The interests, security and safety of employees shall be always protected and promoted.

Valid causes for punitive action against an employee shall include, but not restricted to, the breach of the company’s Code of Discipline, non-compliance or divergence from company policies and standard operating procedures, behaviour that interferes with the efficient operations of the company, conduct that disgraces the company or offends co-employees, superiors, clients, any of the company’s stakeholders of the community in general, violation against safety, peace and order, infringement  against honour, honesty and integrity, failure to fulfill or non-performance of duties and lawful orders of superiors, incompetence, not able to meet performance standards and deliver expected results, among others.

An employee, when notified of administrative charges filed against him/her, shall be entitled to the right to due process, the right to a fair and transparent trial and speedy investigation. She/he shall be granted the opportunity to elect a colleague, a counsel or relative who can accompany her/him at every stage of the investigation or at the time of appeal, after being dismissed, to ensure fair and impartial administration of the disciplinary proceedings.
The employees are obliged to fulfill their responsibility to the Company, to their co-employees, to the clients, to the Company’s stakeholders and to the community in general to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, corporate behaviour, work ethics and performance. It is their duty to contribute to the achievement of corporate goals.

To comply
All employees must always abide by and adhere to the policies, procedures and practices of the Company.

To report
All employees must report to Management as soon as possible, upon knowledge of accusation, with adequate reason to conclude that there is an unlawful or dishonorable conduct by a co-employee or superior, or the same has committed an offense, is violating or will violate any of the provisions of the Code of Discipline or any policy or standard operating procedure stipulated by the Company.

To cooperate
Every employee must cooperate with the Management, put forward a written explanation when asked, be present in the investigation and stand as witness when necessary to shed light on an inquiry, bring out the truth and ensure fair and objective disciplinary procedures.

To perform
In the interest of the company, as well as all QGE employees, every employee is required to work hard and perform their duties in accordance with performance standards and demands on safety, quality, cost and schedule.

To protect
Every QGE employee must protect the interests of the Company, safeguard its property, and keep its good name and reputation honourable.
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