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  What makes an organization shine and dazzle is it people. QGE has a very dynamic workforce guided by deft management. Teamwork is an integral part of our work culture. The recognition that QGE has earned as a leading construction firm in Qatar and emerging global player is an outcome of sheer dedication of its employees towards achieving the excellence. It’s a matter of great pride that some of our senior management have been serving the company diligently through the years. And to infuse new energy and dynamism, we always bring on board new talent from across the world. With multinational workforce providing a broad range of skills, each project receives dedicated focus and world-class expertise.

In addition to our vibrant workforce, we have state-of-the-art plant and latest arrivals in equipments. So men and machines we’ve both, and of distinction.

Finance matters, when it comes to the viability of an organization. Here too QGE tops the chart being backed by the company’s sound financial base and its strong investment in plant, equipment and expertise. To create a structure that spells magic, we will never fall short on any front.
Construction Plant and Equipment  
No. of Employees
No. of Engineers 17 nos
No. of Foreman -
Supervisor 10 nos
No. of Workers 534 nos
Office Staff 17 nos
Heavy Equipments
Tower Cranes 
1 no
Shovel 2 nos
Tele handler 2 nos
Skid loader 3 nos
Water tank truck 4 nos
Light Equipments
Generators 8 nos
Drill big 6 nos
Drill small 8 nos
Air Compressor 5 nos
Heavy vehicles for transportation
Bus 7 nos
Pick-up big 5 nos
Light vehicles for transportation
Pick-up small 8 nos
Van 2 nos
Car -
HR Message
An organization is but a group of individuals working collectively for a common goal, so the performance of the organization depends on its every member. At QGE, we believe that all employees by and large have got the competency to perform well...
Chairman's Message
As a construction company, QGE has pioneered a new kind of development in Qatar with its humungous projects and is continuing to create legendry projects. Since our inception in 1983, we have been sticking to our raison detre guided by the vision of our founders and...
Qatar and Gulf Enterprises (QGE) Construction is the singular and taller construction firm in the sate of Qatar with many landmark creations to its portfolio. Since its inception in 1983, the company has accomplished a wide spectrum of prestigious...
Business Area
Since it came into being in 1983, QGE has executed a vast array of major projects successfully earning its spurs as a construction firm, and now it is an acclaimed name in the industry. Our diverse portfolio encompasses the sectors of high-rise developments, residential, commercial and...
Management Message
Every successful enterprise moves ahead with a certain vision, certain values, that it holds close to its heart. At Qatar & Gulf Enterprises too, we have a certain vision that has been our guiding light. We have believed and will continue to believe that excellence always has a market.
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