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An organization is but a group of individuals working collectively for a common goal, so the performance of the organization depends on its every member. At QGE, we believe that all employees by and large have got the competency to perform well, if provided with right environment and motivation.  To ensure every employee maintains highest standard of honesty and integrity, the company promotes the value of hard work, cooperation and fairness.

It is an infallible practice carried on by the Human Resources Department at QGE that  right staff and employees are properly compensated and rewarded, properly utilized on the jobs assigned to them, and properly developed to achieve when entrusted with bigger responsibilities. Knowing that an employee can’t deliver their best if they are not enjoying their work and life, we pay special attention to the living conditions and general welfare and working environment of employees inside the company, as well as ensure that their working conditions and office facilities are sufficient, up-to-date, and up to the standard.

QGE Construction has firm belief that quality work is delivered by quality employees and must be the ruling point of an organization.
QGE always strives to provide you with most thriving atmosphere to rear and develop fresh talents. We embrace those who have a progressive attitude towards job and career advancement.  The company offers a multitude of jobs related with construction industry to suit your interest and expertise leading to realization of your potential.

QGE is the chosen employer with a business culture of its own mark.  The right talent is recognized and permitted to develop through coupling its own objectives with achieving the company’s objectives. This culture insulates a considerable mobility in the company hierarchy with a thrust on fulfilling the demand for the right talent from within.

A variety of opportunities are at hand for the staff to develop and gain new and additional knowledge, skills and abilities through diverse means, i.e. on-the-job training, third-party training, and in-house training.

What constitutes the core of Company’s Management policy and practice is recognition and appreciation of outstanding performance. And it has got materialized through a number of schemes to recognize and reward the outstanding performance.

In a word, QGE is a promise to a thriving and enriching career.
The status of QGE as a leading construction company in QATAR and as an emerging global player, is supported by the company’s sound financial base and its strong investment in plant, equipment and expertise. Utilizing these strong resources, the company has earned a formidable brand name, with a distinguished recognition for its civil and building works.

The company has to its credit a many of the region’s most iconic projects, along with long-term relationships with major corporates. All these distinct projects for the last 27 years held QGE as the leader in the construction industry, displaying its expertise in building various projects.

To keep up with this dynamic growth, QGE has escalated its workforce, with a thrust on appointing and retaining the brightest talent in the market today. With employees from nations offering a broad range of skills, each project receives absolute focus and expertise a cut above.

With state-of-the-art plant and equipments in its horde, QGE carries out projects aligning its latest technology and skilled professionals to take on.
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